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A Guide to Buying Bird Watching Gifts

Bird watching is becoming one of the most popular and fastest growing hobbies as it is fun, educational and the whole family can join as well. If you know someone who enjoys this hobby then you may be in the market for some bird watching gift ideas; below you can find a few options and ideas to help in your journey for finding the right gift.

Bird Watching Gift Ideas and Tips

Bird watching can be done all year round and therefore you need clothing and footwear that is able to protect you from the summer sun as well as the winter cold. Specific bird watching gear would be hats and caps to protect the head as well as full pants, if possible cargo pants because they have many pockets in which bird watchers can place different items to help with their hobby.

Most bird watchers already have binoculars but you can always find an upgrade for the one they have or if you feel that they are happy with their present binoculars and/or it is too much to spend on a bird watching gift (good quality binoculars are expensive), you can get a binoculars strap that keep them close to the body instead of bouncing around.

A great bird watching gift is a bird watching journal, where one can record all and any activity you find fit about birds’ behavior. A Birder’s book is yet another great bird watching gift idea, which any bird lover would enjoy as it lists more than 600 species of birds along with their pictures and behavior.

Bird watching video cameras are a great bird watching gift for those times when your friend cannot be available to watch and observe the birds as well as other bird attracting devices such as a birdbath or a bird feeder if he or she does not already have one.

Depending on your relation with the bird watcher and the amount of money you have available to spend on a bird watching gift, you might even consider purchasing a bird watching vacation if it is your spouse or partner.  If that is the case, you could choose somewhere exotic so you can soak up the sun while they go off “twitching” for the day.

One thing you may want to ensure if you are purchasing an expensive bird watching gift is that the bird watcher does not already have the item as that will make it all the more special.

Bird watching is relaxing, entertaining and can be pursued by people of all ages; try watching a bird today outside your window and experience how enjoyable and addictive it can become and soon you may be looking for bird watching gifts for yourself!


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