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Bird Watching for Dummies: A Relatively Easy Hobby

So, you are on the lookout for a new hobby that involves both nature and wildlife, but you have no idea what to do or where to start. There are lots of hobbies to choose from, but if you are one of those people who lives in a big city, you would probably be considered a dummy out there in the unknown wilderness. Luckily, a great hobby is bird watching for dummies.

Bird Watching for Dummies: It’s for All Ages

Bird watching is one of those hobbies that literally anyone can take part in. Some people might get a little more excited about it than others, but bird watching for city dummies is a pastime that can be done by both adults and children alike.  If you choose the right place to go bird watching, you do not need to be fully able bodied either, making it a hobby that can be shared by people who are less mobile, such as the elderly.

Bird Watching for Dummies: Choosing the Right Pair of Binoculars

Whether you are out in the wilderness, or just out in a suburban park, the most important tool for a bird watcher is a good pair of binoculars. When first starting out, a pair of binoculars need be the only purchase you make, especially if your bird watching activities are confined to your back yard or local park. Do keep in mind that when it comes to bird watching for dummies, there is no one perfect pair of binoculars, rather there are several important aspects to look for.

The first important aspect to look for is in regards to the size of the binoculars. Now, there are pairs of binoculars that are actually quite large, there are medium-sized binoculars, and there are small binoculars.

It is only common sense to purchase smaller pairs of binoculars for children who think they might want to become avid birdwatchers. Smaller pairs of binoculars are also easier to keep in a pocket. Also, for very young children who might be interested in bird watching, there are usually binoculars that are made out of plastic and have minimal magnification so as no to hurt their eyes.

Large binoculars have several excellent features, most notably the ability to magnify an object up to 10 times from very far distances. However, large binoculars also come with a variety of adjustment features in this regard that are better left to professional birdwatchers. They also can be rather heavy to hold and cumbersome to carry on long outings.

Thus, the best binoculars for those city dummies looking for the optimum bird watching experience would be a pair of medium-sized binoculars. These binoculars are very reasonably priced, and are not too heavy. In fact, they can easily be worn around the neck without discomfort. So if you are ready to start your bird watching hobby, buy a pair of binoculars online or from a local department store, and start birding now!


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