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Expand Your Birding Horizons: Take a Bird Watching Tour

Once you have decided that birding is the hobby for you, it will not be long before you want to venture away from your own back yard and embark on a bird watching tour.  If you are a member of a bird watching club or forum, you will have access to details for a number of tours at a time, date and price to best suit you.

Bird watching tours should not only be enjoyable experiences, but the tour should have been professionally organized so that the destinations are exciting and the accommodation is both affordable and of good quality.  After a hard day’s birding, the last thing you want to go back to is a hard bed in a dingy room with no hot water. The bird watching tour company should be aware of all your needs and expectations, and put them at the top of their list. They also ought to be able to cater for the novice and seasoned bird watcher alike.

If the organizers provide guided tours, the staff should themselves be experienced bird watchers who know the areas to be visited well enough to pick the best locations for spotting a wide range of species. The bird watching tour should offer tours that take the birder to the best destinations where the variety of birds are most appealing.

Choosing The Most Suitable Bird Watching Tour

Deciding where to go on your birding trip is not a decision to make in haste. There are numerous destinations on offer, giving you the opportunity to witness a variety of birds and other wildlife in a range of different habitats. Choosing the best trip possible in an important decision that needs to be taken after fully researching destinations, dates, prices as well as other unique features that enhance the whole experience of bird watching.

Some items you might want to consider are:

  • Are there different daily itineraries available to choose from to make up your bird watching tour
  • Do you have a species of bird you would especially like to see up close, and does the chosen destination give you access to them
  • Will you need to register with the bird watching tour company first, and will they require a deposit from you
  • Will the tour be dependant upon a minimum number of places to be filled in order for the trip to go ahead

A key aspect of any bird watching tour has to be the birds that you will have the opportunity to spot whilst on the tour. The major attraction of the bird watching tour is the variety of birds to be found at the location, such as much sought-after birds like the black-and-white hawk-eagle from Brazil or the crested eagle native to Thailand. With so many species of birds and thousands of destinations to choose from, one can pick and choose which bird types are most appealing and where to go to find them.

Final Thoughts When Planning Your Bird Watching Tour

Always try and gather as much information as possible about the intended destination. This may include knowing about the weather and the type of equipment and accessories you will need to bring along, as well as the type clothing you would need to wear.  Also research the type of accommodation available, as this is one area that can vary greatly. The tour operator should take care of all the tour accommodations, reservations and traveling to each birding site to make your bird watching tour a thoroughly relaxing and worry free experience.



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